Thursday, October 30, 2008

So it begins.

Greetings and salutations.

Apparently I don't have enough hockey blogging on my plate and decided I needed to work on another one (joblessness FTW! Probably FTL!). This one I think will be the most fun. I did some mind-melding with Steve Dangle and we thought, "hey, let's make a supergroup." But with hockey bloggers. Plus I wanted to know if other people think we are as funny as I think we are. Holy grammar, that last sentence was pretty much awful. But you get it.

Anyways. What we have here is a ragtag group of peeps that I adore. I would totally hang with them and grab a beer with them and then drunkenly attempt play Guitar Hero. This is how I choose people to associate with. We have no set plan or format at the moment. We are still getting our bearings. But hang tight, I think this is going to rule.

Our team affiliations are all across the board and I imported the Leafer bloc; Steve, Loser Domi, Jared of London and Eyebleaf. Steve makes some pretty awesome Leaf vids on the YouTubes. Domi is known for her amazing works of fiction in addition to LoLeafs. Jared is quite mysterious, much like the Stig. We know he is of the London area and enjoys the blue and white. Eyebleaf might own the greatest license plate ever. Ask him about it sometime. Roshacla is our resident Devil holed up in Arizona. But he is a Jersey boy at heart. Lori is reppin' the Pens and I think she is the one Penguins fan I have found I am able to not just tolerate but get along with amazingly. "Dave Schultz" is my homegirl when it comes to the W. Despite the fact our teams are division rivals. On deck to be added to the roster is Alix, resident Canuck and like me, loves Wu Tang Clan. Dani is a Spaghetti Cat enthusiast in addition to being a Sabres enthusiast. And the ever witty and intellectually nimble Q Girl, who I think has every QMJHL goalie stat committed to memory.

So pardon our dust and chaotic nature.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Pants? No one said anything about pants.

It's starting soon...

Just lemme get my damn pants on, will ya?!