Sunday, November 2, 2008

forays into nerdiness.

My dabbling into geekdom is fairly well documented. I find playing Tetris very relaxing. Something about lining up and arranging colored cubes puts me in a zen state. This summer when I went to Seattle for Penny Arcade Expo, I had some peeps babysit my blog for the whole three days I was gone. Even while I was on vacation drinking Brawndo (it's got electrolytes) and checking out MC Frontalot, I still had to have someone pay attention to my site (thanks Schultz!).

When I am not busy playing said Tetris or watching Dirty Jobs marathons on the Discovery channel, I tend to kick back and stab the shit out of things in World of Warcraft. Hey, you have your games. Your Grand Thefts Autos and such where you drive around and fuck hookers and beat dudes. Or is it the other way around...Anyways, I take enjoyment in going all rogue. Not to be confused with Sarah Palin's going rogue and being a maverick.

Evilira. Isn't she friggen awesome? With her epix. She stealths about stabbing peeps with poison swords. Wicked damage is done. I highly suggest rolling a DPS class.

Despite my failing at math a few times. I am a numbers girl. I geek out over stats. I have this ritual of when I go to Chiefs games where I sit down and read the program in a specific order. I flip to the back page to read which player did the dorky questionaire. Flip to the front and glance over the stats summary for the match up. Skip to the stats for the visiting team where I look at the heights. A 6'6" defenseman? RAWR! I'd climb that. Then I glance at the names to see if they are a duplicate or rather, have a bro playing in the W as well and who is the better player. I take a glee in the WHL siblings. Such as the Bowmans.

Naturally, I had to see if I was the only Evilira or if there were ones better than me. Turns out there are few more but I am geared better and my guild doesn't suck. Get Crit, y'all! In your face duplicates. For some random reason, I decided to check out if there were any characters named Ovechkin...

Oh look there are quite a few. And one in a guild named Crosby Sux. It should be noted that Ovechkin is an orc warrior. Which seems oddly fitting. I mean, Ovie would have to be a warrior, charging into battle. He is a bit orc-like which I mean in the nicest of ways. So I was wondering what other players were out there with NHL names. To the Armory I went.

Boogaards Bruisers. They don't even have a tabard. Bunch of n00bz.

Oh all the Luongos. Someone knows what's up if they are rolling with a mage. And a frost spec'd mage. Since Luo is a master of ice. I can see him being human or blood elf. Gnome, not so much. Homeboy is how tall? I suppose Roberto could be a rogue with his wicked awesome agility and doge rating.

My search for Sedin so far pulled up the most number of characters including one who I am fairly certain is in a Vancouver based guild. I didn't pull up the roster to see if there was a Burrows, Bernier or Ohlund.

And my guild wonders why I will skip out on raid nights for hockey. Dudes, a girl has got to be diverse, mmkay?


Dylan said...

You're amazing.

Lewis said...

If I didn't have a girlfriend already... I would be totally in love with you Wrap.

WoW nearly made me fail out of university and Discovery Channel is my world.

wrap around curl said...

Ahw, thanks Lewis. If you know some single, nerdy boys: ship em my way.

Anonymous said...
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