Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President Barack Obama

I think Kevin Garnett said it best: Anything is possible. 

He did it. Barack Obama is the President-elect of the United States of America.

How about that fucking acceptance speech. Was that not the greatest speech you've ever heard in your life? I thought the way Obama reached out to Republicans was most impressive:

"And to those Americans whose support I have yet to earn, I may not have won your vote tonight, but I hear your voices. And I will be your President, too."

Seriously, how beautiful is that? What a guy, that Obama.

When he brought up the story of 106-year-old Georgian Ann Nixon Cooper, I'll admit it, I got emotional. I pulled a Jerry Seinfeld: "What is this salty discharge?"

When it was all said and done, and Obama stood waving to the crowd, I couldn't help but sit there and shake my head in utter disbelief at the incredible oratory performance I'd just heard. A speech my kids will one day listen to and read about in school. It was a verbal orgasm, and I needed a cigarette when it was over.

As a Canadian who watched this election with tremendous fascination, I just want to say thank you to America, and to my American friends. Thank you for restoring my faith in you, and in your country. We're proud of you.

"Change is coming to America...A new dawn of American leadership is at hand...This is our moment...Yes We Can..."

Amen, President Obama. Amen.

Oh and, by the way, I'm eyebleaf. It's nice to meet you. No, no, the pleasure's mine. You can usually find me at Sports And The City, where I wax poetic on the plight of Toronto's sports teams. Now that I'm here, I look forward to many nifty moments in the clutch. Cheers.


"Dave Schultz" said...

excellent post Eyebleaf!

Totally nifty

Zack said...

I'll admit it, I got emotional. I pulled a Jerry Seinfeld: "What is this salty discharge?"

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was suddenly sent to a room full of sliced onions.

Vern said...

I'd watch the use of the term "salty discharge".

eyebleaf said...

Vern, get your mind out the gutter, son.