Monday, November 10, 2008

What's in Vesa's Manpurse?

Howdy ho, my Spanish Galleons, Loser Domi here. You know, I really do love the fine Toronto Maple Leafs blog Pension Plan Puppets. I just adore how the threads take such amazingly funny and odd turns. For instance, in this thread discussing the Kostopoulos hit on Van Ryn in the last Habs/Leafs game. New-ish Frequent commenter Mabel Mentioned Kostopoulos's infamous purse snatching incident.

JaredofLondon (he says he writes here as well, but I'm not sure...) and I got into a massive back and forth of win about what could possibly be in Vesa's manpurse (video here) The resulting chat is below:

by Mabel [on Kostopoulos]

Mabel :And

hee – purse snatcher.

Loser Domi: “but it was so cute! I had to have it”
Mabel: “and it goes with my outfit! See how it picks up the colour in my shirt? Adorable.”
LD“And I can store things in it without creating unsightly bulges in my pockets!”
JaredofLondon: He should have asked Vesa about fashionable man bags
LD: I still don’t get Vesa’s man bags. How much stuff do you need to carry around with you? I could fit most of my schoolbooks in that thing
JoL: Keys, black berry, wallet, laptop, lip balm, 26er of rye, lighter, ipod, flask, spare flask, pocket knife, fetching monkey, spare spare flask
etc etc
LD: lucky clear bowling ball with the skull in it, my mom, my pet giraffe, giraffe food, an extra sweater in case it gets cold, tide to go sticks…
JoL: and of course gum
LD:and another 5 back up flavours of gum (because you never know what kind you’ll be in the mood for)
JoL: lest we forget 7 kinds of mints, some of that sweet breath spray and drops and of course listerine cool strips.
LD: and hand lotion. You have to take care of your skin, especially with winter right around the corner. And sunglasses (5 pairs, because you never know what outfit you’ll be wearing and you want to match)
JoL: and gloves, incase it gets chilly, and a hat, and ear muffs, and a scarf
and a taster, and mace, and handcuffs, and my gat
LD: and duct tape and plastic wrap
JoL: and enough saran wrap to cover a room, and an electric wireless saw, and a box of garbage bags
LD: first off, I did a search for gat, and this came up. Also, rubber gloves (because you just never know),deed to a haunted Indian burial ground, vaccination papers…
JoL: haha, on gat, that is both so close and so far from what i ment ( was going for the gangsta phrase for pistol) but that is much funnier. Don’t forget your hockey stick and skates, you never know when a game of shinny is gonna break out
LD: and the pads. he is a goalie after all.
JoL: and an umbrella, cant have the rain mussing his hair.And extra hair product in case he cant get the umbrella up in time.
LD: or maybe just some replacement wigs and fashionable hats in case he doesn’t want to be bothered/can’t fix his hair. I think we have a post for Getting Nifty in the Clutch
JoL: hmm, this is a good idea.
LD: Lets see what other people think is in Vesa’s bag…

so, what do YOU think is in Vesa's bag? Leave your guesses in the comments


wrap around curl said...

Vesa carries a full on rave in his manpurse. Complete with lots of glowsticks, some pacifiers, maybe some tabs of X, an an ipod full of music and techno viking.

Loser Domi said...

And water. you can't get dehydrated

Loser Domi said...

and wrap, did you mean he carries the Techno Viking himself with him, or just that song?

Q-girl said...

i don't know how many times I have to tell peeps that Vesa carries me in his man purse.

Loser Domi said...

q-girl, does he also carry food for you while you're in there?

Jaredoflondon said...

she lives on mints and gum

Q-girl said...

no. I gotta stay skinny to keep the hockey players interested...or at least that is what Vesa says. But he brushes my hair and waters me daily, which I think is nice.