Thursday, January 1, 2009


You know, if you looked at the Christmas gifts I got, you'd shake your head. Because I'd look like a completely terrible hockey fan;

-a Tampa Bay scarf
-an Avery Dallas Stars shirt
-a Leafs hoodie

Oh and a few days ago Versus sent me a super rad jersey and some pucks and a Stars shirt.

In my defense;
The scarf is to go with my Tokarski Lightning jersey. Though I found it quite odd there were scarfs available for the warm teams and not the cold ones. Maybe chicks in Florida wear scarves ironically/moronically.

The Avery shirt? Well I love the shit out of him and that shirt is now a collectors item!

The hoodie is super rad and warm and I totes loves the Leafs and want to make kissy faces with Luke Schenn. For those curious what team I decided to call mine, Toronto it is. Sorry Pens fans, you really tried...


eyebleaf said...

How'd you score the gifts from Versus?

And us Leafs fans can rejoice in the fact that we actually won something...

alix said...

Alex Burrow's prettiness wasn't enough, huh? Alas. The Canucks lose out on a good one. :)

Luke Schenn is all kinds of adorable. Uber nice too.

Loser Domi said...

Versus sent me a cool pin and a double extra large jersey. I could seriously wear it as a dress if I wanted to

Loser Domi said...

and eyebleaf, wrap and I whored ourselves out to Versus for free merch after they asked us to

RoShaCla said...

The Leafs? ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!