Wednesday, January 21, 2009

chat me up.

Dear NHL Store,
I know we have had our tiffs in the past. I hate your sissy girl merch. I sooooo am not down with the Alyssa Milano Touch stuff. But sometimes I think you are trying. Other times. No. I find it ridiculous that merch is not available across the board for all teams. So I like this jacket. Shut up. I do. But I want it available in other teams. Why can't you do that? I'd buy it if it was the team I wanted. The economy is totally sucking. I'd help prop it up, support it and the like if you carried things I wanted to buy. But nooooooo. You make team scarves available for the warm teams and not the cold ones. You know what, I am done wasting brain cells on you. Call me when you stop sucking. Thanksssss.

Love and kisses,

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eyebleaf said...

This makes me think of a few months ago, when the NHL store was selling a 2 foot tall replica Stanley Cup. I so should have bought it. It's no longer available. Damn NHL shop. Like John Mitchell would say, "fuck the fucking fuckers."

Hugs and kisses,