Thursday, February 5, 2009

it's for the children;

You know, despite my alleged callousness, I am totally in support of charities. Especially in the NHL with the ridonkulous salaries. However, signing a check just doesn't quite do it for me. I mean look at Brad and Angelina, they are totally about charities. I don't care if they are in Prada, but they trudge through third world countries, build houses, the paparazzi take pics and peeps donate money after that. Sometimes Anderson Cooper is there making it a trifecta of awesome. Also, I am a sucker for pics of players visiting children's hospitals. It's the kind of visibilty that should take place more often.

I checked my email 23 minutes ago, because that's when I rolled out of bed, and saw this;

WHAT?! I can bid on an already overpriced phone because it was touched by a NHL player for about four minutes and then scrawled on with a silver Sharpie?! Well sign me up! Uhm, in case you were not aware, that was me, dripping with sarcasm. Who the balls thought this was a good idea? As if some people don't act douchey enough because of their phones, I'd know because I have an Android. Oh god, you see what I just did there? I named dropped my awesome phone in a post that is supposed to be about helping the plight of children! Now imagine some doorknob who gets a phone that Ovie autographed Blackberry? DUDE HAVE YOU SEEN MY PHONE? IT'S SIGNED BY OVECHKIN WOOOO THE GREAT 8!....NO I DIDN'T MEET HIM....HOW MUCH DID I PAY? I AM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU THAT...DUDE BUT LIKE, IT'S SO AWESOME. GO UHHHH CAPS RIGHT? HE PLAYS FOR WASHINGTON?

You know that the Sharpie will just rub off, right? And you'll look like one of those dumb fangirls who has players sign her wallet. No really, I saw this happen. At a signing for my junior hockey team. She was totalllllly psyched that her hot pink wallet was signed by 3 players who are drafted and then 3 players who are like 4th liners. And no, she was not 7. So does something else come with this phone? Besides like the charger and the instructions? Some wearable items? Game tickets? No? Well ok...Also, this totally explains why during the All Star Game you only saw the plebians in the crowd who were emailing the office on their Blackberry and not like you know, enjoying or watching the game.


sleza said...

That's one ugly phone.
If you're lucky you get Henrik's phone which probably includes pics of him having some quality time with... Oh, wait, wrong Swedish player.

elise said...

I got this in my inbox too and had the same reaction.

Last season, I was at a James Sheppard signing, and some girl in front of me had him sign her arm. She was also wearing a mini skirt and way too tall heels. In the middle of winter. In Minnesota.

wrap around curl said...

@sleza: you know if the phones came with saucy pics, I'd consider bidding. Depending on the player. Like maybe the player would take scandalous pics for me, for charity? SIGN. ME. UP.

@elise: She wasn't braving the cold. She was just stupid. I have never really understood the signing of body parts. I really don't.