Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To the Avery Lovers:

Look deep into my scarf Heather. It can see into your soul!

Well looky looky! The Avery drama ended just the way everyone said it would. With all the recent events surrounding the Rangers, I am beginning to think they are being run by the media. First everyone called for Torts and they got him, then everyone demanded a side of Avery and it was served up fresh. If teams are beginning to actually listen to the MSM, is it only a matter of time before we bloggers get to start calling the shots?

Just in case that time is now: "Gee, it would make a lot of sense if Pittsburgh traded New Jersey Evgeni Malkin for Jay Leach and a 7th round pick. I think that would really free-up the Pens salary structure and give them another shot at drafting a great player."

Watch TSN for that impending gem of a trade. Speaking of TSN, check out this hilarious quote from Glen Sather in their article on international Sean Avery waiver day.

"Rangers' general manager Glen Sather sees Avery as a boost to a struggling Rangers squad and believes that his coach and new acquisition will be able to co-exist.

''He doesn't have the history with Sean that we do,'' Sather said on a conference call last week. ''Over time, you learn to love him, just like I do.''"

I dunno Glen. Marty and him got a lot of quality alone time together last season, and he doesn't seem to love him "just like" you do. Although they might have just been hiding their love for each other during the handshake line incident to throw off eagle-eyed NHL analysts.

I've got it! They didn't shake hands because they were already playing footsy in the handshake line! (this would normally be the time where I would photoshop such an incident, but said photoshopping program is not really feeling like opening today. I leave it to your imagination instead.)

Between the Devils actually making a trade (for a depth defenseman) and the Avery situation ending exactly like everyone said it would, this trade deadline is really getting my pulse up.


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Thanks babe.

Spec7ral said...

Scarftastic. Avery is the cat's pyjamas.